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Wrangling Winter (Seasons of Love Book 3) Wrangling Winter (Seasons of Love Book 3)

New jobs. New joys. New heartaches.

For three months, the Double O has been a haven for Chanel and Maddox while he recovers from a career-ending neck injury. When worry fades, the arguments begin and intensify as they start planning their future.

Chanel lands a dream job in Boise just as Maddox accepts a coaching position at Doumit University, a long three-hour drive away. Sick of chasing his dreams, Chanel wonders why Maddox can’t sacrifice something for her for once.

As if her heart matters weren’t enough stress, Chanel’s father, Mitch, has met someone. Despite the many years since Chanel’s mother died of breast cancer, the thought of a beautiful artist taking her place still hurts.

Mitch tries to respect his daughter’s feelings, but he finds the idea of rattling around his big, empty house forever terrifying. He’s ready to love again. If he can’t convince Chanel to give Lynne a chance, it’s going to be a very long winter at the Double O Ranch.

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Tackling Summer (Seasons of Love Book 1) Tackling Summer (Seasons of Love Book 1)

Sometimes you have to rein yourself in for love…

Hard working, no nonsense, Chanel Eber is ready for a summer at home working on her family’s ranch. Her plans are derailed when she comes across a bottomed out sports car on a remote country road. When she discovers her father has brought on her university’s hotshot football star as summer help, she is furious. There’s no place for a lazy, city boy on the Double O.

Maddox Warren has been banished to the middle of nowhere, sentenced to manual labor on a cattle ranch. As star of the Doumit University football team, this is unacceptable, but his coach is determined to boost his work ethic. Maddox can shut up and do his time, or he can kiss his football career goodbye. Determined to muscle his way through, his frustrations grow when he meets the bossy, cranky rancher’s daughter.

The two battle their way through tractor driving and horseback riding lessons; both determined to conquer the other and to reclaim summer. In the process Maddox and Chanel discover there’s more to the other than either of them expected.

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Fighting for Fall (Seasons of Love Book 2) Fighting for Fall (Seasons of Love Book 2)

Go. Fight. Win. Love?

Chanel Eber, a rancher’s daughter, faces down her fear of big cities to follow the love of her life to Portland, Oregon where he’s living his NFL dream. But the Wolves aren’t the only ones looking to score. Another woman’s got her eye on Maddox, and Chanel’s going to have to fight harder than ever if she wants to keep his eyes on her.

Meanwhile, Delsi Melita has a big decision to make. She’s a single mom, the only woman in the athletic training room, her boss is a pompous jerk, and she’s falling for the team’s owner. Can she have the job and the man, will she have to pick one, or will she lose both?

The stakes are high, and both women stand to lose big if they don’t fight hard for love.

Our Price: $15.00